by Beau Borrero

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11 tracks on CD and Digtial Download.

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My Very First Album...hope you enjoy, and thanks for listening.



released August 1, 2011

Produced by Shaun Drew and Beau Borrero at Sotto Voce Studios,
No. Hollywood, CA


all rights reserved



Beau Borrero

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Track Name: Archangel
Mr. Archangel, I think I heard your voice last night
You were tellin' me it was gonna be all right
Well, I wish I had your angel's sight
'Cause it don't look that that from here
So come on, whisper it one more time in my ear
Like that time I heard you call
When I was headed for a fall
'Cause I'm headed for a fall
Mr. Archangel

Are your wings strong?
Are they strong enough for two?
Can you take me along?
'Cause I wanna go back with you
And do you like my song?
Mr Archangel...

Teach me to fly
Or watch me fall from the sky
I'm jumpin' off to try
To make it back home with you
Mr. Archangel

Mr. Archangel
You'd think I'd feel a little more danger
This close to the edge
But it's been quite a while
I been camped out here on this ledge
So I'm glad you came
Cause I could use some help through this part of the game
I've served my time, now I want what's mine
So pour me a glass of our father's wine
We'll raise a toast to our gracious host
The father, the son, the holy ghost
I know there's no goin' back, I'm fine with that
I'm done there anyway
And my life don't feel worth a penny today
And so, and so I pray...

(Bridge & Chorus)

Mr. Archangel
Can I take some shelter underneath your wings?
Would it be too much to ask for you to hold me and sing
I'm sorry I don't mean to cling, but it's almost time to do this thing
Yeah, the time for talking is done, and the time for my flying lesson has come
Oh yes, my friend
I'll do my best, you say when
You got my back, right?
Cause I will not go gentle into that good night
And Mr. Archangel, I'm not goin' back to town
I'm jumpin' and I'll just have to learn to fly on my way down

(Bridge & Chorus)
Track Name: If I Had You
If I had you, I'd spend hours just staring into your eyes
If I had you, I'd never forget that I had won grand prize
If I had you, I'd spend all day running my fingers through your hair
If I had you, I'd make a hobby outta buying you sexy underwear
That's what I would do if I had you, it's true.

If I had you, I'd leave you love notes in the pockets of your favorite jeans
If I had you, I'd be so completely in love just like back in my teens
If I had you, I'd rent an old biplane and write your name in the sky
If I had you, I could tell you I love you every day and never ever have to lie
That's what I would do if I had you, it's true.

If I had you, I'd get a tattoo with your name right across my face
You could kiss every letter, bring our lips together, my sweet angel, full of grace
If I had you, I'd be by your side every day as we grew old
If I had you, I'd write Neil Young a letter, and tell him I found his heart of gold
That's what I would do if I had you, it's true

If I had you in my arms, I'd never be able to resist your charms
And I wouldn't try, love you 'till I die, write your name in the sky

If I had you, we could get us a dog and name it after the first place we kissed
If I had you, I could finally cross the last thing off of my list
If I had you, I could finally get up off of my hands and knees
If I had you, I could finally stop beggin' God please, please, please
That's what I would do if I had you, it's true

If I had you by my side, I wouldn't waste one minute making you my bride
I'd get down on my knees and ask you please to say I do
That's what I would do if I had you, it's true
And every night I'd hold you tight
So every day, I kneel and I pray for you
That's how it will be when I have me, you'll see.
Track Name: Daydream Lover
If I had a thousand kisses, I would give them all to you
And if I had a thousand wishes, you could make them all come true
'Cause your my daydream lover, as you soon will discover and I don't want no one else
Your my daydream enhancer, daydream salsa dancer. I'm so tired of dancin' all by myself
Yesterday the clouds came together and shaped up to look just like you
You're my everyday dream lover, and you don't have the slightest clue
Well most days I say I'll just keep it that way and leave you as the love of my dreams
But today I just may let my heart have its way cause I'm tired of hearin' it scream...

You're my daydream lover, and I don't want no other
So let's make a deal
I will treat you so right, I will love you all night
If you will love me for real

If I had a thousand sweethearts, I would trade them all for you
And if my heart were in a thousand pieces, love you could be the glue
'Cause your my daydream lover, and my daydreams hover and dance all day in my head
My heart keeps asking my daydreams how to get you for real in my bed
When Christmas comes merry, the sugar plum fairy, she looks just exactly like you
You are my holiday dream lover, well what's this poor daydreamer to do
On the 4th of July your face lights the sky. My hear is crashin' and splashin' and I
Just wanna love you like in my dreams of you. Come on let's give it a try...

(Verse 1)
Let's go back to economics 101
Capitalism's based on competition and corporations got none

They own Congress, they own the airwaves
They own us from 9 to 5 like a bunch of modern day slaves

They own the newspapers, they own the TV
They own exploding oil wells at the bottom of the sea

They own the president, the own the media
Exxon Mobil, Bank of America, Wall St, Wal-Mart, Expedia

They tell us trust in the markets, well the markets have spoken
The banks, the government, the whole system is broken

We're headed down to Wall St with a posse and the facts
Gonna find Mr. Goldman so we he can lick our Sachs

This shit is wack, these men are on crack, their heads need a good freakin’ smack
Our country's been hijacked by a pack of kleptomaniacs

Who think the greenback is an aphrodisiac, we ain’t some communist brat pack
We're the 99%, and we're takin' this country back

Rise up, people rise up
It's time to open our eyes up
The wicked won't give their disguise up
Hypnotize you into givin' your prize up...nah...

Rise up, people rise up
Look through the lies and wise up
Breathe deep and offer your cries up
Get to the well before it dries up
Open your eyes...good people rise

(Verse 2)
You've kept us in line with two dollar wine
Cheap flat screen TVs, cheap leased SUVs

Cheap plastic crap from China and talkin’ iPhones
iPods, eye candy video of predator drones

But like little girls and boys, we've grown out of these toys
And we're starvin’ while you grow fatter, we want the things that really matter

Good health care, good schools, good jobs, good rules
Good Wall St. cops to keep an eye on you fools

You treat this country like a Turkish harem, I ain't your bitch, this ain't Istanbul
You freakin' tool, I'm tired of corporate misrule, objection your honor...Overruled!

You lied and took us for a ride, don't tell us we're not qualified
To preside over this situation, we're the 99% and we're takin’ back this nation!!!

We're occupying Wall St ‘cause we love the USA
You treat it like John the Baptist was treated by Salome
I want the top 1% to listen carefully to what I say,
We can fix this shit now or wait for Bastille Day...